About Us

Parkinson Media has placed millions of dollars of advertising in small and large markets throughout the U.S. Our media agency can help you design, implement and analyze a detailed advertising strategy or we can consult on any one part of your advertising plan.

We cut through the maze of media outlets—TV, radio, print, transit, outdoor, and online—so you reach the right geographic
areas, age groups and lifestyles to sell your product
or service.

What we bring to your advertising campaign:

  • 20+ years media planning and media buying experience.
  • Seasoned professionals at every level of service.
  • Experts who listen.
  • In-depth knowledge of all media outlets.
  • Access to the latest media research.
  • Sophisticated broadcast ratings software.
  • Bonus advertising opportunities.

Gina Parkinson founded Parkinson Media in 1985.  Before launching the company, Gina was a media planner at Singer Media Services, Boston’s first media buying service, and a media buyer for Porter/Kane/Workman of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

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